Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ravine Water Park Tickets for Sale

URGENT Message: if you haven't purchased your tickets yet (Wednesday, May 29, 7:00 pm)

You will only be able to join us if you arrive at 9:30 am with cash or check. The tickets are $20 per person and this includes entry plus lunch. You may bring in non-breakable water bottles.


Hello Families!

The Ravine Water Park day is fast approaching and we need all those who are planning to be there to buy tickets in advance.

When is it?
Thursday, May 30, arrive at 9:40 am
(It's our independent study day :)

How much does it cost? All tickets must be prepaid. The cost is $20, per person, which includes entry and lunch. If you pay by debit or credit, there is an additional 50 cent fee included.

How tall does my child have to be?
The Ravine has a very clear policy about height and so it is essential that you confirm your child's height before purchasing your tickets. Students under 48 inches receive a special wristband.

**The Ravine will measure each student AT the gate, so please take the time to double check your child's height. Students under 48 inches receive a special wristband.**

Who will transport my child?
Each parent is responsible to provide or arrange  transportation and supervision for their child. We hope to see every student there along with family for a day of fun together!

What if I don't like online payments but want to use my debit or credit card?
If you would like to make a payment with debit or credit, but prefer not to handle this through Google Wallet, please email Suzette Harbour at to pay in person.

How do we get there?
Visit this site for directions and info.

If you have additional questions, ask Miss Sonya, Miss Diana, or Miss Sarah, or email me at

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bikeathon Caps Are Here!

Wow! The caps look terrific!

Thank you, Robin Meaney for the great design!

Every participant in the bikeathon receives one on Saturday and more will be on sale for parents and friends for $5.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

2013 MPN Bikeathon!


We are excited to share that 
May 11, 2013 
is our MPN Bikeathon. 

There is no entry fee to participate and we have a gift for each rider. 

Please consider a minimum of $20 in pledges or flat donations. 

Here is some preliminary information, FAQ's are below:

My child doesn't ride a bike, trike, scooter or skates? Is there some way we can participate?
  • Contact Suzette Harbour directly at 805-441-six six eight eight. We believe every child can join in.

How many laps will they ride?
  • In the past we've seen riders pass the 110 lap mark. So, let your pledgers know, or collect a flat donation before the bikeathon.

How can I help with the event?
  • We have a need for people to help set up, take down, bring baked goods, sell drawing tickets at the registration table, donate prizes, and more. Contact Suzette Harbour directly at 805-441-six six eight eight to learn what job is a good fit for your interests.

Can students who aren't at our school ride?
  • We would like to evaluate on a case by case basis, so check in with Suzette.

Do you accept credit or debit cards?
  • We do. There is a $1.00 fee for each transaction. It is possible to do this online prior to, or onsite the day of, the event.

Where does the money go?

  •  Like all schools, public and private, funds are slimming every year, it seems. MPN is dedicated to providing high priority items and services for our kids' classrooms that wouldn't otherwise be paid for. One example is the cleaning of our bathrooms and classrooms. They must be cleaned a specified number of times per week, but because of our Independent Study model, that cost isn't covered in the administrative budget. Other costs that are unable to be covered include special Montessori supplies, Montessori teacher conferences, a number of consumable paper supplies and more.  As a California non-profit corporation, MPN's fiscal record is available to anyone who would like to review it. All of our proceeds go toward the kids. We have no paid staff and no office costs. We love our classroom experience and want to make it great!

Have we missed something? Email us at mparentnetwork at or call Suzette Harbour, Ex. Dir. at 805-441-six six eight eight.

(the funny formatting of the contact info is to prevent harvesting by automated systems)

Friday, December 28, 2012

MPN Bookfair at Barnes & Noble

We would LOVE to have your support 
for our 
Barnes & Noble Bookfair!

 Please share these vouchers & flyer with your family & friends. They can be downloaded, or simply share this link.

Anyone can participate online, in-store and in the cafe.
Just use our Bookfair ID # on Jan. 12 or 13: 10991073.
Visit Barnes & Noble dot com 

Print these vouchers and hand them 
out to your friends!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Montessori Parent Network (MPN) was created to support the Family Partnership Charter School Morro Bay Learning Center.  As with all schools, it is critical to have the support and involvement of parents. The MPN is a 501c3 non-profit that is made up of parent volunteers that are committed to the success of the Learning Center. 

The Montessori Parent Network provides support by:
  • Organizing fieldtrip events
  • Facilitating communication between the Teaching Advisors and the student families
  • Facilitating and fundraising for School Supplies and Improvements
  • Fundraising to bridge the gap between available funding from the Family Partnership and the necessary Center and Student supplies and teacher training conferences that are not fully funded.
  • Volunteering in various school activities
How does the MPN achieve these goals?
  • Fundraising: rummage sale, bake sales, Bike-a-thon, Movie Night for the kids
  • Receiving direct monetary donations or contributions of materials needed by the center from parents and the community.
  • With Parent volunteer participation on the MPN board or direct involvement with events or various opportunities inside and out of the class.
Your support of the
FPCS Morro Bay Learning Center is essential to the success of the school.  To learn more and to get involved, please join the Montessori Parent Network (MPN) in making your child’s learning experience the best it can be.  

Thank you!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cycle de Mayo Youth Bicycle Derby & Rodeo

Purchase your entry at the event today!  


Purchase your entry at the event today!  

It's a beautiful Saturday morning in 
Morro Bay.  

You can use cash, check or electronic payments onsite.

Thank you!

Montessori Parent Network is a 501c3 organization. No part of this payment is tax deductible.